Chad and Jake’s Personalized Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Blankets Return With An Even Greater Selection of Items


Chad and Jake is a Florida company run by a family who makes the best quality and most useful and long lasting personalized bibs, burp cloths, and blankets.  These have been handed down from grandchild to grandchild, wearing older grandchildren’s names in bibs.  This Grandma did a blog post on these … [Continue reading]

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Best Tips for 2017 and Beyond


We are Florida parents and now we are the grandparents in Florida, so we have lost count of how many visits to Disney’s Magic Kingdom we have made in the last forty plus years.  Magic Kingdom remains the best park by far, especially for the youngest grandchildren.  Seeing Magic Kingdom anew in from … [Continue reading]

The New Eleventh Reason for Daily Stretching At The Forefront of the Exercise Craze for Children as Well As Adults is the POWER Benefit That is the Most Important Of All


All of a sudden, stretching is considered as important as exercise.  Even if one does not exercise, the recommendation to stretch each day and start … [Continue reading]

The Best Tips for Universal Orlando Resorts and Parks, Reviews of Rides by Grandpa and Our Near Ten Year Old Grandson, and Why Grandparents Should Have the Parents Along For the Rides


Grandpa has always been a roller coaster addict.  When our children were too young in this Grandma’s opinion to go on upside down roller coasters, … [Continue reading]

Comfort Food “Whatever You Want Soup” and “Adult Soup” That We Grandmas May Cook With Our Grandchildren But Must Forbid Them To Eat


When this Grandma was a child a pot of soup was always on the stove in our house.  GG (great grandmother, my mother) came from a time and place of … [Continue reading]

Why We Grandmas Should Be Nuts Over the Change in Exposing Our Grandchildren To Nuts As Babies

nuts - baby

When we grandmas were having our first babies, we were in the dark ages of information about child rearing. Now we are in the era of information … [Continue reading]

When Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Cheaper Than Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards, This Grandma Knows What To Do


In recent years, there has been a proliferation of very special greeting cards for every occasion.  There are musical cards, talking cards, moving … [Continue reading]

A New Hands Free Holder to Bottle Feed A Baby Designed by A New Father For All New Parents and Grandparents Hooked on Electronics

Swipe and Feed

Feeding a newborn is one of this Grandma’s favorite activities.  I love how the baby feels in my arms.  I love how the baby smells, after he or she is … [Continue reading]

See the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus With Your Grandchildren By May 2017 Before It Is Too Late and They Fold ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ Forever


146 years is how long the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has enthralled children of all ages with performances of “The Greatest Show … [Continue reading]

Five Examples of Teaching Grandchildren About Shopping and Returning What We Purchase in This New World of the American Shopping Experience


Our grandchildren learn about shopping as early as toddlers.  No, it is not the comparison shopping of getting good quality at a good price.  It is … [Continue reading]

Chocolate for Anti Aging and Easy Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Bread Pudding Recipes from Great Great Grandmother to the Present


Advertised as a great holiday present, this Grandma notes anything chocolate is a great present.  But anti-aging chocolate?  I could not ask the … [Continue reading]

Expectations and Disappointment in the Search for Perfect Grandparents


Family relationships are complicated.  The same DNA does not guarantee family bliss.  Somehow there is an expectation that when a grandchild arrives, … [Continue reading]

Entering the Unknown World of Retirement and the New Busy as a Baby Boomer Grandma


This Grandma is beginning a new adventure, the unknown world of retirement. It seems that as a Baby Boomer, at every stage of this Grandma's life I … [Continue reading]

2017 New Year’s Resolutions Focusing on Feelings That Span A Lifetime Will Bring Us Joy


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! In this new era of seeking and collecting experiences instead of things, the articles about proposed 2017 New Year's … [Continue reading]

Snapchat Taking Over Our Grandchildren’s World And Should We Be Worried About It Or Join By Buying Snap Spectacles for A Holiday Gift


Snapchat is a social media format that allows posts of pictures and photographs that can be enhanced by drawing on them and changing them and that … [Continue reading]

Disney Princesses Come With Controversy Before the Holidays 2016

Disney Characters during The Princess Diaries Premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Disney princesses are young children’s favorites.  This holiday there is a new princess.   The animated Disney movie, “Moana,” was number one at the … [Continue reading]

Just When “Mom” and “Dad” Lose Favor With One Generation They Gain A New Definition with Another In the Fast New World of Social Media


This Grandma tries hard to keep up with the fast moving Internet effect on our changing world.  It is the 12th anniversary of Facebook, and I have to … [Continue reading]

The Best Headphones to Protect Hearing As A Gift For Toddler to Preteen Grandchildren Rather than Beats Which They May Covet


Headphones are a great gift item for grandchildren at any time of the year.  We grandparents know how it is sitting in a car with grandchildren on … [Continue reading]

If “PaPa” is Now the Favored Name for “Daddy” and ” MaMa” Is the favored Name for “Mommy” What Should We Boomer Grandparents Be Called


In the car, December 1, 2016, this Grandma heard a radio commentator say that the term "Dad" is out as it makes the father more distant and today's … [Continue reading]

Tips on Giving The Gift Of Travel To Family and Grandchildren, Multigenerational, With Grandchildren, and Best Family Itineraries Around the United States and World


This year, more than ever, it seems that the gift of travel is the most important gift for the family and grandchildren.  The key is that everyone … [Continue reading]