Truth, Like Beauty, Is In The Eye Of the Beholder And The Best Advice I Ever Received On How To Keep Your Truth To Yourself

I first started writing this blog because my Judicial Assistant, who became and is a dear long (we never say old) friend, was going to become a grandmother, and she wanted me to share the “grandma lessons” I had learned. It was not long after that, I realized another purpose for the blog was for me … [Continue reading]

New Technology gives us a Self Driving Stroller If You Want To Spend As Much as We Boomers Spent on Our First Cars and After A Serious Look Arguably is Justified in 2023

When my father used to tell my brother and me that he bought a loaf of rye bread for a nickel, and we had to buy a loaf of rye bread for a quarter, he told us how awful that was. I also remember getting a quarter on Sundays to attend the movies and also buy lunch of a piece of pizza and a Coke. Yes, … [Continue reading]

Why and How Instagram Taught Me To Search “Life Hacks” For Simple Solutions to Daily Tasks. Who Knew How Really Helpful Ice Cubes Can Be

Instagram taught me to search “Life Hacks” on Google for simple solutions to daily tasks! Instagram is an application (app) that my preteen … [Continue reading]

Please Do Not Wait To Tell Your Loved Ones What They Mean to You

We grandparents are at the age when it is getting harder to say we are young. When age 80 is closer than I want to admit, although I work at looking … [Continue reading]

For the New Year 2023, How Do Grandparents Measure the Year

“Seasons of Love,” the song from the award winning Broadway play, “Rent,” starts out: “five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.  … [Continue reading]

Holiday Gifts For Grandparents That Are Priceless, Interesting, and Unusual

It is always hard to get grandparents holiday gifts.  All we grandparents want is time with grandchildren.  In that vein, now that COVID is … [Continue reading]

For Holiday Gifts 2022, Select the Best Award Winning Toys For Grandchildren and the Coolest Tech Gadgets for All Ages Recommended by my Eleven Year Old Grandson

Even our youngest four year old grandchildren crave electronics. We can give what grandchildren crave by asking them what they want in electronics, … [Continue reading]

Boomer Grandmother’s View on Being Comfortable With The Names You Call or Don’t Call Your In-Laws, The July 2022 On-Line Survey Results, and How To Earn Extra Cash Doing On-Line Surveys

When this Grandma was a newlywed, decades ago, what to call your in-laws was a major dilemma.  I did not want to offend my parents by referring … [Continue reading]

Should I Be The Grandma on the Floor No More

One of the absolute best tips I received as a new grandma almost two decades ago was to always be the grandma on the floor.  Of course, I asked … [Continue reading]

For a Thanksgiving Dessert, Make Ahead Oreo Ice Cream Cake is the Best: Easy, Simple Ingredients, No Bake and Grandchildren Friendly

Looking for the best and easy make ahead no bake Thanksgiving dessert to make with grandchildren for Thanksgiving, I looked for ice cream cakes made … [Continue reading]

The Five Most Important Reasons Why and When NOT To Put Wedding and Family Photographs Away When The Parents of Our Grandchildren Get Divorced

I have addressed this issue before, and seems that it is time to address it again.  Sometimes simple answers do not provide a complete answer to … [Continue reading]

Sneakerheads, Hypebeasts, and Other Groups Are New to Boomers But AntiSemitism is the Oldest Prejudice That Has Now Again Infiltrated Our American Culture

You know you are longer (we never say older) when some words your eleven year old grandson introduces you to and tries to explain are the subject of … [Continue reading]

Young Adult Grandchildren Moving In With Grandparents: What A Joy!

When our oldest grandson was getting ready to leave for college at University of Pennsylvania, I invented an elaborate ruse that I had rented an … [Continue reading]

Introduce Your Grandchildren To Ina Garten With The Easiest Delicious Chocolate Cake to make Together To Start, And As They Get Older, They Too Will Love Her Recipes Forever

This Grandma was introduced to Ina Garten by a dear, long (we never say old) friend who swears by her recipes.  I think she thought I lived under … [Continue reading]

Fast and Easy Halloween Cookies and Special Treats for 2022, Halloween Treats for Babies, Healthy, Nut Free Options, Treats Made From Leftover Candy, All To Make For or With Grandchildren, and Treats For the Grandparent to Make Who Just Likes to Make Reservations

After looking at literally dozens of articles on Halloween cookies and treats of all kinds, this Grandma has curated those fast and easy Halloween … [Continue reading]

Three New Interesting and Helpful Studies on Babies and Sleep: The New Scientific Method To Get Crying Babies Back To Sleep, The Meaning of Baby’s Thoughts During Sleep, A Good Night’s Sleep May Mitigate Infant Obesity Risks

THE NEW SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF GETTING CRYING BABIES BACK TO SLEEP I think every new parent would appreciate grandparents sharing this study! In … [Continue reading]

Reading and Writing Cursive May No Longer be Taught to Our Grandchildren: An Easy Three Step Process For Grandparents to Teach Grandchildren How to Create A Cursive Signature of Their Own

When this Grandma was a child, I remember hearing about how some would mark their signature with an X because they could not read or write.  … [Continue reading]

How To Make Candy Coated Cake Pops Like Those Found at Starbucks At Home With or For Grandchildren

It is dangerous to take grandchildren into Starbucks.  These little balls of cake with frosting and sprinkles on a stick like a lollipop are a sweet … [Continue reading]

Five Tips to Perfect This Grandma’s Best Mac and Cheese Recipe For Grandchildren Anytime and For Special Occasions for the Whole Family

When our oldest grandchildren, now teenagers, were younger, California Pizza Kitchen was their favorite restaurant, solely for their Mac and Cheese. … [Continue reading]

In Honor of Grandparents Day 2022, This Grandma Shares the Top Ten Tips on Grand parenting and a Link To Best Tips in the Archives for New Grandparents

Grandparents Day, a day to show the bond between grandparents and grandchildren, is an official national holiday in the United States, signed by … [Continue reading]

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