Tips on Giving The Gift Of Travel To Family and Grandchildren, Multigenerational, With Grandchildren, and Best Family Itineraries Around the United States and World


This year, more than ever, it seems that the gift of travel is the most important gift for the family and grandchildren.  The key is that everyone wants experiences, not things.  Even "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" now include massive amounts of travel specials, although the travel specials this … [Continue reading]

Home Remedies That Make Our Lives Easier — Part II –And How We Must Preserve Our Own Families’Home Remedies and More


In Part I of home remedies that make our grandchildren’s lives easier, I concentrated on Terry and Joe Graedon and their home remedies. And now, this Grandma, in an expanded search, I came upon more home remedies we Boomers could use as well. I found a home remedy that I grew up on and, from reviews … [Continue reading]

Home Remedies That Make Our Grandchildren’s Lives Easier – Part I The Experts As a Holiday Gift


This Grandma had never heard of Terry and Joe Graedon until I saw their column in the Sun Sentinel newspaper October 27, 2016.  Here was the question … [Continue reading]

Banana Everything Cookies Means They Are Vegan and Healthy. . .Sort Of


Lately, banana is a key ingredient in recipes this Grandma has found.  Of course, fruit in a cookie makes it healthy, according to Grandma. See recent … [Continue reading]

National Toy Hall of Fame Winners and Runners Up Add to the Best Holiday Presents 2016 for All Ages


There is an actual National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York.  Each year, since1998, “toys that have inspired creative play and enjoyed … [Continue reading]

Rubik’s Cube Still Going Strong at Near Half a Century And Gift Ideas from Baby and Up For Great 2016 Holiday Presents


At our last visit with our younger grandchildren, this Grandma was surprised to see our nine year old grandson playing with a Rubik’s cube.  Usually, … [Continue reading]

How Many Visits To Grandma Are Too Many


It has taken this Grandma a while to ponder “Judge John Hodgman on Too Many Trips to Ohio With Your Baby,” originally published in the New York Times … [Continue reading]

The Ten Happiest Songs On Earth List Shows It Depends On Who is Choosing the Happiest Song


I watch the Today Show each weekday morning and when this Grandma saw there was a study done on the ten happiest songs on earth, it brought a smile to … [Continue reading]

Why and How to Introduce Art Masterpieces and Famous Artists to Grandchildren Through Children’s Books


This Grandma has written about Brad Meltzer and his series of children’s books, including one on Leonardo da Vinci.* His series of children’s books … [Continue reading]

Sometimes Double Proof is Better to Show Grandpa that “Happy Wife, Happy Life” Is Always the Way to Go


Sometimes this Grandma holds on to a post idea about a study for years.  Sometimes, the post idea about a study eventually seems unimportant and goes … [Continue reading]

The History of Pizza and 101 Best Pizzas in the United States at Our Fingertips


The Sunday travel news in our local South Florida newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, had an article about how to find two of the best pizzas in the United … [Continue reading]

Yiddish Words That Will Serve You well In Life and ToTranscend Generations From the Past to the Future


This Grandma, born in a displaced person’s camp in Germany, knew the power of the Yiddish language from the phrases my parents used and the stories my … [Continue reading]

What Grandmas Know About Babies Sleeping Through The Night Predates the Studies and Shows The Value of Experience


There is no better teacher than experience when it comes to babies and sleeping through the night.  Grandmas have the edge over the studies.  New … [Continue reading]

How Long Can We Go: The Definition of Aging Other Than the Passage of Years And Our “Health Span


This Grandma is compulsive about much, and reading as many articles about studies on aging is one of those compulsions that seems to grow stronger as … [Continue reading]

Grandmas Getting Grandchildren To Eat Vegetables and Healthy Means Hide Them, Flaunt Them, or Repeat Them


When it comes to getting grandchildren to eat vegetables, this Grandma reminds grandmas everywhere of our mantra: grandparenting is all joy and no … [Continue reading]

Winnie the Pooh is “Young Old” and New Again at Age 90 and It’sTime to Introduce him to Our Grandchildren in Our Complicated World


This Grandma has decided that we of the Boomer generation will remain “young old,” vibrant and active, at age 90.  Our parents’ generation, through GG … [Continue reading]

Picking A Perfect Pumpkin and What to Do and Eat Afterwards


This Grandma did not realize there was an art to selecting the best pumpkin.  If you are with me, then the internet is a treasure trove of … [Continue reading]

Halloween 2016: Continuing Rituals and Traditions and New Rages


One of this Grandma’s mantras is to create rituals and traditions with grandchildren because that is what they will remember from their childhoods, … [Continue reading]

That Intelligence Comes From the Mother’s Side Is New Science But We Grandparents Can Contribute With Encouragement, Stimulation and Nourishment in the Grandchildren’s Environment


Both of our son-in-laws have jokingly commented at different points in time that they selected the mothers of their children, our daughters, not in … [Continue reading]

Buy A Boy Doll for your Grandson. . . and Your Granddaughter and Mix It Up More


When our eldest grandson was a toddler, this Grandma immediately bought him a boy doll and a stroller, in blue of course. It was hard to find a boy … [Continue reading]